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Money and financial assistance required for food for survival

Related imageMoney can buy food. There are several purposes for which I need money, may it be food also in the most developed country of the world. What are the avenues and programs from the side of the federal government? What are the safety society nets?

For the low income and no-income group people, the government had initiated a widespread anti-poverty program, named Food stamp program in the USA for purchasing assistance in food requirements. The Food Stamp Program, initiated in 1964 has subsequently been renamed as Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Programme or SNAP.

The amount of benefits received under the program by a family or a household much depends on the family size, income, and major essential expenses. Previously during initial phases of the scheme, paper coupons in various colors having monetary value accordingly were distributed to low or no income groups for enabling purchasing quality food.

However, from June 2004 onwards, the government has stopped assistance in cash and there has been introduction of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, which is very similar to a bank debit card, the top up of which is done by the government every month for eligible families and households. The card can only be used for purchasing food items from any grocery or retail outlet.

The subsequent laws have eliminated categorical eligibility and pre-condition that the household must have cooking facility, whereas establishing fair Market Value (FMV) test, authorized stores must have substantial amount of staple foods, statutory income eligibility guidelines, ten categories of excluded income.