FIFA 17 new features

FIFA by EA sports is probably the most illustrious sports game in gaming history and yet, shares a love-hate relationship with the gamers. Some gamers often say that the game has stopped innovating while others say the previous versions were the best. Whatever the debate may be, truth is, FIFA has never stopped innovating and competing with others. If anyone wants a substantial proof, then FIFA 17 may well be the answer.

One complaint that has been thrown towards FIFA is its repetition and gamers are refusing to buy it if it is going to be the same as the last year. But such is not the case as a buzzing excitement is surely palpable regarding the gameplay already. You have the unique ability to play with a single player and live the journey of a lifetime by watching his rise. The story of Alex Hunter is surely awe-inspiring and FIFA Coins is using it for that matter.

This is surely an upgrade from become a legend by taking to game to a real-life experience. Another very interesting addition is surely the insanely high definition graphics that makes players look almost real. So, if you are seeing Anthony Martial destroy the defense, then you will almost feel like watching a match in Old Trafford itself. So, it is insanely real-life experience sort of gameplay. In fact, the attention to the level of detail only shows how much effort has gone into the game to create such brilliant perfection. FIFA 17 will also feature managers’ faces.