Hayward Navigator pro vacuum cleaner

One of the best pool vacuum machines is Hayward Navigator pro. This is one of the energy saving tool from Hayward brand and works effectively to eliminate all debris and dirt. This product is worth the investment and we are able to get energy savings while using it.  This machine belongs to the suction side pool cleaners. It is a kind of machine that will climb fast on pool areas and making the cleaning experience worthwhile. The best part about this cleaning equipment is that we do not have to use boost pumps. We only need to use a horse attachment and make the start of the cleaning process. The machine has own skimmer port. If your pool is filled with leaves, it will also be advisable to get the leaf canister as it may clog the system filters of the machine.

Its features

  • This is a little kind of cleaner that will take care of the entire pool area
  • It only takes less time during installation
  • It contains SmartDrive steering programmed thus cleaning the pool in less hours
  • This tool is also quiet while working, so no unnecessary noise
  • It is a random automatic cleaner that works quietly
  • The navigator machine can be got in Vinyl, fiberglass and Gunite

This is a suction side pool cleaner that works silently. You need to make your pool cleaned at this time since it may lead to unhealthy conditions of your family. We have various types of pool cleaners that you may need to check out.